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I think you need to ask yourself whether your subscribers want another useless website or for you to continue daily vlogs. You stopped daily vlogging unannounced then you have the nerve to make a video today pedaling more sponsored products. It's unbelievable. You've become more and more unrepeatable since you moved to LA. I have Unsubscribed. I don't need to be sold more bullshit. "Omg u guys should check this out and buy it use code payshep!"


thanks for watching! :)

Will and RJ could buy a boat today, sail away to Cuba and from that moment on stick exclusively to making short promotional videos about cigar brands and you still wouldn’t have a say in their decision. wow, right? it must be truly shocking to finally find out that you’re not in any way entitled to anyone’s life except your own.

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When do you think Will and R.J are coming back?

seeing as they’re both okay - soon enough, i think.

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Do you know why no vlogs for a while?



just as much as a loss as the next person.


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Do you know why no vlogs for a while?

just as much at a loss as the next person.

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take it easy!!! they have no chance against lush and his 100k minions, they know, they'll take it gracefully and so should we.

a) i honestly couldn’t care less about whether it’s Lush who’s in the first place or someone else. Will and RJ are currently better at what they do than any one of the vloggers represented in the category and they deserve recognition.

b) at this point it’s less their job to self-promote than it’s the job of their fanbase. as a fan blog i feel that in a way it’s my responsibility to do things within my capability to ensure that people who want to vote will vote, even if in the end someone else wins that award.

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Yes it does, you give them permission to change your profile and tweet for you

i’ve voted in this competition countless times, both in this and in the previous year, and nothing like this has ever come up. but it’s your choice and if you don’t feel comfortable, don’t do it.

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Is tweeting the only way to vote? I really dont like the terms of agreement

yes, it is the only way. what’s troubling you? you don’t have to follow the Shorty Awards and you voting will not give them any access to your twitter account whatsoever.


Couple Portraits: Will & RJ
Here are some more from our favorite YouTube couple:)




Hope you guys like them!


So I’m not sure how I feel about these; neither really turned out how I pictured them in my head.  If you’re not already a subscriber to Will & RJ these are goofy little doodles depicting how they each proposed.

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Do you know where "It's so hot in here, is it not hot in here to you?" quote came from?

it came from Will ;) as far as i’m concerned he didn’t steal it from anyone.